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Cups´ Eco-fight!! Paper vs. Pineapple

As we all try to become more eco-friendly and since it is common knowledge now that plastic is harming the environment, Filipinos have come up with an innovative idea to substitute paper cups.

But you may be wondering why do we have to bother if paper is already biodegradable? 

Well, I just find out that paper cups are not uniquely made of paper. They have some plastic added, otherwise they would not be water-resistant. (Yes, I was in shock too!)

But thankfully, creatives from the Philipines have discovered an alternative material that is being put up to the test for creating beverage holders that are 100% biodegradable… 

That new material is… Pineapple leaves! Yes, those hard and pointy things that often go to the trash when buying the fruit are actually Earth saviors.

The idea has already won awards for innovation in the country and abroad, because of the no-need-to-add-plastic feature of ¨Piñapel¨; that´s the combined word for the new material: Piña (Pineapple) + Papel (Paper).  Isn´t that cool?

Also, think of all the trees that will not be brought down to make paper if this idea gets popular worldwide. Or perhaps it will encourage others to find alternate materials that would bring similar benefits!

This creative enterprise is a joint effort in that country, with both private and public support. And I love to hear that, because whatever solution we make come up with to save our home planet needs the support of everybody, working together for a common goal (I get emotional when I write things like this, seriously)

Piñapel is being used also for packaging, bags, decoration among other things and we all need to spread the word about this and many other amazing ideas that could make the difference in the near future. 

I´m already doing my part by sharing this info found on Mark Andrew’s article. Go check it out to learn more.

And stop buying things made of plastic or I will show up in your dreams with a very pointy pineapple leaf and turn it into a nightmare…

Just kidding, but seriously: NO MORE PLASTIC 🙂


 Photo by Pineapple Supply Co.



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