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Icy Royalty

Sculpting is an ancient artistic expression of humankind and most raw materials on which sculptors carve their muses on, such as metal, stone, wood or even pottery has granted this form of art its most singular feature, besides beauty, which is durability. Thanks to durability, we´ve been able to enjoy these manifestations of human artistry, hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of years after their creation which is something one can not say, let´s say about performing arts, which are ephemeral and only exist during the period of time they are performed. I know they can be recorded, but I´m talking about experiencing directly the work of art, at the very moment it exists.

So what about sculpting being ephemeral as well?  what about sculpting on a perishing material, or perhaps, a material that turns into another, meaning the work of art, the sculpture, only exists for a certain period of time? Doesn´t it grant the act of creation and the artist itself another value? Doesn´t it give another meaning to that sacrifice-made-by-the-artist that is inherent to every good work of art because one knows it will be gone soon? What about ice and the temporary delight it gives watching a beautifully crafted sculpture on solidified water; an experience that is enhanced by the fact that when winter is gone, that creation will disappear?

We are buzzing this week to bring attention to the commitment and efforts of ice carving artists around the world and all the festivals and gatherings during the winter season that celebrate this art. In particular, we would light to mention the ¨Sculpture Sur Glace¨Festival (an ice sculpting competition)  held every year, in the locality of Les Verneys, near Valloire, France. It welcomes ice-carving artists from all over the world, and this year´s edition, the 29th, lasted 4 days with 20 sculptors competing and visitors and locals from nearby Valloire sightseeing and watching the artists at work, day and night. The final day, the finished sculptures where displayed accompanied by music, lights, and fireworks for the delight of all the attendants.

On the last day of competition, the jury made its round and crowned the winner: Gleb Dusavitskiy from Denmark for his beautiful sculpture named ¨Sustainability¨. Other prizes were also given to a 2nd and 3rd place and a special prize from the public was awarded to last year´s ¨King of ice Carving¨ Rogel Cabisidan, a 46-year-old migrant from the Philippines, radicated in France since 2011.

Rogel Cabisidan at 2019 ¨Sculpture Sur Glace¨Competition in France

Rogel Cabisidan at 2019 ¨Sculpture Sur Glace¨Competition in France

Photo credit: Rogel Cabisidan


Rogel is not only a sculpting creative but also an expert on the culinary arts, working as chef of a cruise restaurant, in Lyon. Sometimes he combines both passions, by sculpting on eatable materials such as cheese, fruits, chocolate, and even butter which gives extra flavor to his creations (literally, hah?)

With his last year’s 1st prize-winning sculpture, the ¨Sitting¨, Rogel turned a piece of ice into an abstract figure resembling a woman´s body with the hair on the air and sitting on a monticule of icy cubes.

To find out more about Rogel and the ice sculpting competition in France, check out the following links:

Filipino Sculptor hailed, King of Ice Carving in France

¨Scultupture Sur Glace¨ Festival.

We´ll keep buzzing every time the opportunity to highlight talent and creativity throughout the world arises.

Until next buzz,



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