Episode 5 Inclusive Statement – Abby

This year we have been through a lot.The world is dealing with this serious crisis, this pandemic. Let’s just stoop from there! We cannot afford hearing violence again, not again, never!

The circumstance that we have right now, is not the one that needs to be set aside. This is something that we need to give priority to. This is the situation where we need each other hand and we are all in this together.

Come and think that this could be God’s way of telling us or reminding us of one thing. Accept and treat others with dignity. We might have different colors or types of life and culture, but that doesn’t mean we’re not the same thing. Everything we have, or what we have right now is just all temporary or it’s just the frontlines of our lives’ physical appearance that doesn’t define us. The lifestyle that we have right now or power/position you have won’t last forever, especially if we didn’t know how to take care of it; taking care in a good way. Too much of anything is good for nothing…

Let’s all recognize the term respect, care, and practice how not to criticize. You’re not the only one who’s living here on earth, we have to embrace it/accept it. Please let’s have the heart to listen it is very important nowadays to spare a second or a minute to listen, but to condemn or judge/ show our compassion and consideration to everyone and to ourselves. Open our mind, our hearts and don’t let our hearts be filled with darkness and life is too short.
We are all the same here on earth BY HEART.

Let’s stop the racism, the discrimination. No one deserves that. That’s not what we need right now. What we need is respect, love , kindness, understanding and acceptance. I am emphasizing these words because these are not just words or expressions. It is also a language, a way to communicate and understand each other whenever you may be here on earth.

God has not brought us here in this world to spread hatred and discrimination.
He has set us here for the reason that we all have our mission, and that is to spread Love, to value kindness with compassion.

Please stop the senseless violence of human beings. No one will see people of color or less than a human being.

I just wanted to take this moment to share these few lines of a song i just heard. This song was written by purpose sang by various artists from different places and cultures to share love dedicated to each and every one of us here on earth to strengthen us, inspired and to remind us and comfort us all.

“Together we are being called to make a future world. The test we face is for us to prove that we can heal as one. We heal as one with kindness and we serve, we share and we show compassion.

Don’t share the hate and scare, spread the never ending love and care.

Hope we will be reminded by this.

Thank you.

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