Message the Side B & #2’s Podcast!

Episode 10: House Party (Resources)

Episode Finale, woohoo!!! Featured Music: Origami – Revel Day Sweet on You – Porter Shields Pixel Ghost – Hip Colour Butterflies in Paris – Guustavv Strapt – Pandaraps Escucha Mi Salsa – Son abana Mystery Hibachi Mariachi – Vincent the […]

Episode 9: Are you Involved? Creatives for Change! (Resources)

GET INVOLVED !! Creatives are influential people and as such we need to use our voice to speak up in every aspect. Highlights and Mentions   For voting state rules, check out – Luna Stage Theatre – Check out […]


Virtual Art Walks: McAllen Creative Incubator

A big shout out to the McAllen Creative Incubator, located in McAllen, Texas, for this great initiative! The Virtual Art Walks! These artistic virtual venues, are held once a month, and showcase the talents of their ¨incubator tenants¨, through their […]

Knowledge-sharing platform for Theater Makers: HowlRound Theater Commons

An online platform for theater professionals to convey knowledge of their craft with other colleagues around the world through essays, videos, and podcasts on many topics related to theater-making by all racial groups. Ideas, recently-acquire-experimental knowledge about the craft, info […]

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