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At The Creative Movement Hub, we provide a variety of opportunities and resources catered to the creative industry. From Vocalists, to Ventriloquists, to Bakers, to Make-Up Artists, and Potters; if you're a creative looking for work, or an employer hiring for any role in your creative business, we want you to search, post, and live MooHub.

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MooHub Seeker Plan

This plan is great for creative professionals and non-creative professionals wishing to post their resume/c.v. for exposure to opportunities in the creative environment.  This one is sort of a no brainer, sign up, its free!

Employer Plan

Are you a creative business looking for someone to work on your crew? A company looking to hire for a creative position?  Is your company growing and you are looking to increase your staff?  The MooHub Employer plan allows companies to post jobs and opportunities to our MooHub works opportunities engine.  Whether you need a bookkeeping assistant,   dance instructor, office manager for your gallery, or any type of position, as long as you are a creative business, or hiring for a creative position, we’ve got your back.  No more weeding through resumes that have no experience in the creative field you seek.  Check out plan details for all the benefits.